Following are the Insects Pheromone Lures available for Arable Crop Pests



Agrotis exclamationis

Heart & Dart Moth

Agrotis fucosa

Common Cutworm

Agrotis ipsilon

Black Cutworm

Agrotis segetum

Turnip moth

Autographa(plusia) gamma

Silver Y Moth

Busseola fusca

Maize Stalk Borer

Cacoecimorpha pronubana

Carnation Tortrix

Chilo suppressalis

Striped Rice Borer

Cnephasia pumicana

Cereal Tortrix Moth

Earia sinsulana

Spiny Bollworm

Earia svittella


Epichloristode sacerbella

South African Carnation

Heliothis virescens

Tobacco Budworm

Heliothis zea

Corn Earworm

Ostrinia nubilalis (cis)

European Corn Borer

Ostrinia nubilalis (trans)

European Corn Borer

Ostrinia nubilalis (hybrid)

European Corn Borer

Pectinophora gossypiella

Pink Bollworm

Sesamiain ferens

Purple Stem Borer

Sesamianona grioides


Sitrogacerealella cerealella

Angoumois Grain Moth

Spodoptera eridania

Southern Army Worm

Spodoptera exigua

Beet Army Worm

Spodoptera frugiperda

Fall Army Worm

Spodoptera littoralis

Egyptian Cotton Leaf Worm

Spodoptera litura

Tobacco Cutworm

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