The female insects of different species produce in nature a characteristic organic compound, which attracts male species for mating. These semio-chemicals are known as "Sex Pheromones". Once this lure is placed in a dispenser and kept in the trap, the pheromone from the dispenser gradually evaporates and forms fumes and spreads in air by diffusion process. The male species receives the pheromone and get excited and attracted to the lures, which serve as female decoys and eventually get trapped. In some cases, insecticide with quick knockdown and fumigation effects such as DDVP (Dichlorvos) is used for killing the trapped adults.

Pheromone Traps are specially designed plastic UV stabilized and scientifically designed for better trapping using specific lures to monitor specific pest. Once the moth enters the trap they will not be able to come out.

Pheromone Traps consists of three parts. The wide bottoms bowl/collecting bag, funnel and the top canopy cover.  The top cover has a central hole for holding dispenser containing a specific lure. The funnel should be fixed on to the lower wide bowl/bag while the top canopy cover is fixed on to the funnel. The dispenser containing the lure is inserted in to the central hole of the top canopy cover. Pheromone Trap is now ready for fixing in the field.

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